Wenzhou Hengyue Seal Co., Ltd.
Secrity Seals for every Application

Security seals can be widely used in various industries such as logistics, hydropower, financial. Here we recommend our products for the specific industry based on our rich experience.

Security Seal Producer

Wenzhou Hengyue Seal Co., Ltd. is dedicated to researching and manufacturing security seal. We have developed 7 series of more than 100 products including bolt seals, cable seals, plastic seals, metal strap seals, padlock seals, meter seals, iron container seals, etc. Our products can be wide used in various industries including transport, postal, supermarket, bank, oil, electric power, water conservancy, security, etc.

Our products have passed certifications of ISO9001, SGS, and 17712. We have more than 500 sets of molds which can be used to manufacture various security seals. We provide custom-made security seals of various materials including metal, plastic, and so on to meet your special requirements.

Security Seal Services

Hengyue provides a wide range of security seals for a full range of sealing applications. But sometimes, our standard products are not ideal for some special applications. We also offer custom-made security seals to meet your special requirements.